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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I didn't want to eat after this trip to the supermarket

Trips to the supermarket are pretty uneventful for the most part one would think.
On a recent Friday, after work, my husband and I decided to make a quick stop at an area supermarket to pick up a few things.
Outside the entrance of the market was a scene that regularly you do not see in suburbia ...  a pregnant woman accompanied by a youngster displayed a handwritten message on a manila folder asking for help for food, etc.
We were struck by the sight. We decided we wanted to help.   We bought some ready to eat foods staples and hurried down to pay as we knew once they spotted her she would be told to move on.
Right on cue, as I exited the market with a couple of bags for the woman, she was being told to move on. I repeated to her a few times the name of an organization in the area that could offer some help as she and the youngster went on their way.
To me this was a reminder that what we have is a gift. And, it could go away anytime and that there are many that need our help every day.
You only need to talk to the folks at Community Housing Services in Lansdale.
Their job is endless and very challenging.  On a recent visit I took this photo.

 Though there are items on the cupboards, we have to remember that sometimes the need is greater than the supply.
During my brief stop, I spent some time talking with Jolene Freed, a staff member at CHS.   Freed said the week of June 4  a total of 71 different households  made use of the food cupboard service. It was one of their busiest weeks, she told me. And, that number included 13 new families. And with summer under way sometimes donations dwindle. Hunger and need do not go on vacation.
The need does not go away. And, people from all walks of life are impacted by need. Take for example:

Any help, is good help, regardless of how big or small.
Community Housing  Services  welcomes donations  of  foods such as canned meats like chicken, fish, etc.; canned fruits and vegetables; cereals; boxed milk, among other items.
They also welcome donations to help the homeless. The non-profit provides services such as crisis intervention, housing for the homeless, food cupboard and more.
They are located at 311 N.  Broad St., Lansdale. 
Their number is (215) 362-5250.