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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A house of worship like no other

(Let me say this first: All houses of worship are special and unique … particularly for the people who worship in them and/or have contributed to its creation and role in the community, and rightly so.)
After years living in this area, finally, last week I visited Beth Sholom Congregation.
Taking the opportunity of a day off to spend with mom while she visited our family, we decided to stay close to home for our day trip.
It was a great day. Weather was awesome, spending the day with mom was awesome and Beth Sholom is outstanding.
I like to visit houses of worship. There is something mystical about them.  They convey so many stories in so many ways. And, I am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's work.
Beth Sholom Congregation is located at 8231 Old York Road in Elkins Park. It’s about 30 to 40 minutes away from Lansdale. 
Beth Sholom’s sanctuary was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and has been designated a  National Historic Landmark
Tours are offered to visitors. For a schedule, click here.
On the day of our visit we were the only visitors at that time of day so we got a personalized tour and to top it off with a Spanish-speaking tour guide, which was great for mom. Our tour guide spent plenty of time with us and answered all our questions.
There is a fee for the tours -- $12 for adults, $10 for students, seniors. Children under 10 are admitted free. In addition to touring the main sanctuary, there is a visitor center that traces the history of Beth Sholom.
For more information including the history of the congregation, development of its current building and a virtual visit, check here


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