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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am surprised I enjoyed this

You have to approach camping with an open mind. That’s what I did when my husband suggested going camping on Memorial Day weekend along with other family members.

I was a little worried … you know … about facilities, cleanliness, sleeping in a tent … a whole lot of other stuff.  You know, I do like the comforts of home. I’ve never camped.   (I slept in a tent once – one night. It was next to a house. So that does not count as camping.)
I decided to keep an open mind. Plus I felt pretty comfortable. The other four members of our camping party have lots of experience – even the almost-4-year-old little man has more experience that I do
I decided it was going to be an adventure. And, it was.  A fun one. Yes there is a lot of work prior to even getting to the place. Lots of packing – you have to take everything. You have to plan and shop for the meals – no restaurants on the premises.  As this was my first time, it was overwhelming.  I was exhausted before I got in the car and on our way.  I was so anxious to get there; I made for a very frustrated and cranky co-pilot on the way up.
Once we got to our destination, all worries went away. I was surprised, I really got into it. I learned a lot. Now, I sort of have an idea on how to pitch a tent, how to cook over a fire, how to crawl in and out of a tent, how to cook without having a sink nearby ….
Our trip was only two nights. But, it’s a start, for me. We camped at Locust Lake State Park in Schuylkill County. The place is beautiful.  We enjoyed a couple of beautiful days. The temperatures were cool … so no bugs. The nights were pretty cold. We had prepared for the cold nights. But, I was still cold.  I think we all were. We survived though.  I did not want to come back home so quick. 
During our stay, we took a quick trip to Jim Thorpe where we took a ride in the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway:
The town is a fun place to visit. On our way there and back, we rode through some pretty small towns and hamlets.
For information about Jim Thorpe:
Now, I keep looking for possible sites for our next camping trip. Do you go camping? Do you have a favorite place? Let me know at
Now, I don’t know that I would do if it is stormy – with thunder and lightning …

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