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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Annual Kutztown Folk Festival is a treat

You will need a wide-brimmed bonnet but don’t let the sun deter you from enjoying some good old Pennsylvania folklife through Sunday at the Kutztown Folk Festival.
Covered up with sun block my husband and I checked out the festival on Monday.
It was hot. But the weather didn’t deter us nor many other families to take in all the crafts, demonstrations and entertainment. We kept to the shade as much as we could, made sure we had plenty of cold water with us and indulged in some ice-cold, old-fashioned birch beer.
Even though we’ve seen the same crafts displayed at previous festivals as well as many other venues, it is still a very nice outing. Not only do we enjoy the ride getting there, there are always new crafts to admire. There is so much talent on display at the festival. We spent roughly four hours strolling the fairgrounds admiring all kinds of handmade works including pottery, paintings, leather goods, pewter, glassware, baskets, jewelry, and many more. There are lots to see and do for the whole family. There’s a carousel, a petting zoo and historic vehicles on display, to name a few.
Spread throughout the grounds are kiosks with enticing offerings like funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, lemonades and apple dumplings. And there’s no where to escape the aroma of all kinds of sausages sizzling along with succulent offerings of Pennsylvania Dutch dinners with all the trimmings. Unfortunately, I could not eat any of those on Monday; the hot weather did away with my appetite. (Maybe that was a good thing.) We did purchase a loaf of freshly-made, still hot-from-the-oven raisin bread and an apple dumpling to bring home. They were yummy.
A highlight of the show is the quilt exhibition leading up to an auction on Saturday (July 10) at noon. The quilt show was an even more special treat as the quilt “barn” is air conditioned. So I took my time to look at the quilts. You have to admire the women who labor over those masterpieces. The time that goes into creating a quilt, let alone the artistic skills that one must have, is amazing. And, on top of that you need to be a mathematician -- you surely need to know your numbers and your geometry – to work on such beautiful configurations and designs.
Along with all the crafts, demonstrations and all the (fried) food you can eat there is entertainment. We took time to enjoy the music by the Martin Family Band and the Blue Mountain Junction. Musical performances, kid’s activities and seminars are planned throughout the day today through Sunday.
For more information and a complete schedule, check
TO GET THERE: We followed the directions offered in the festival’s Web site: take 476n.(Pa turnpike NE extension) to Exit 56, (Lehigh Valley) to 22w. to I-78w. to Exit 49A, 100s. to 222s. to Kutztown. Once in Kutztown, you will see signs directing you to the festival grounds.
Location: Kutztown Fairgrounds 225 N. White Oak St., Kutztown, Pa.
Hours: 9 a.m-6 p.m.
Admission: Adult: $12; senior citizens (55+): $11; children (12 and under): FREE Wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs and scooters are available for rent from the first aid station. Pets are welcome on a leash.
(Photo courtesy of the Kutztown Folk Festival)


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