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Friday, June 11, 2010

To 'Glee' or not to 'Glee'

So last night (Thursday night) I sat down and watched the TV show "Glee" for the first time.
There are not that many shows that I follow regularly, but I have been insisted upon to give this one a try, so I made a point of being there at 8 p.m.
The show had been recommended to me by a colleague -- Scott Miller -- who said to check it out, I may like it. He has a strong opinion about it, he has lots of opinions and "views," check his blog -- "The View -- A Male's Point" at (As I write this, he showed up asking if I liked it, I told him to read my blog).
Anyway, I watched. I cannot say I don't like it. I cannot say I like it either. It seems a cute show with a certain kind of appeal.
The show has a tween following. We've seen the term "Gleeks" floating around. Some parents question the show (for the story: Is 'Glee' too racy for its tween target audience? check A national tour is taking the show to the masses ( check National 'Glee' tour takes show to its Gleeks

I see how the show would appeal to tweens -- as I watched, I was reminded of junior high school and high school. There's a lot of angst, frustration, envy, sexual tension, competition, you name it, it happens in middle school, junior and senior high school. I see why some parents may object or control its watching, as there are "romantic" scenes and such.

Did I watch the whole show, sort off. I kept flipping back and forth between it and the Food Channel where Alton Brown was discussing that most intriguing of subjects-- asparagus. ( I did pick up a couple cooking tips.)

Let me say, I was intrigued enough, that I may tune in to "Glee" one more time, and give it a try, again.


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