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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opportunity knocks

Help make news!

If YOU were an editor or a reporter, what stories would you be pursuing?

What questions would you pose to local or state governmental officials? What issues do you see as key for a better quality of life for area residents? The Reporter wants to know!

As part of our 'Ben Franklin Project,' we are opening the news process to everyone in the community. Instead of just telling our readers what is important, we want to know what is important to YOU, and let readers guide and participate in our reporting. So let us know what YOU want to know!

Based on reader feedback, these are some of the topics we are considering for our July 4th edition. What do you think?
Lansdale revitalization
- What are the challenges facing the revitalization of Lansdale?
- What do you think should be the focus of revitalization in Lansdale?
- What would you like to ask borough officials?

- Has your job been affected by the economy? Are you unemployed or under-employed? Would you like to share your story?
- What should local officials do to attract jobs to the area?

Independence Day
- What is your favorite Fourth of July tradition?

To respond to these questions, or to suggest any other topic you would like to see addressed in The Reporter and, please contact us at the following:

- Email:
- Twitter: @lansreporter
- Facebook:!/pages/The-Reporter/207045996559?ref=ts


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