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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You too can be fabulous

In our 24-hour day there are a few magical hours. A time when, if everything works out, we can discover the secret to becoming fabulous -- or close to it.
If you have been awakened, let's say around 3 a.m. or so, and could not get back to sleep you may have discovered this already. But if you haven't, make sure to check this out.
Can't sleep. Turn on the TV.
You'll discover the secret to being fabulous.
You just need some $$$.
If you buy the $19.95 (or something like that) book, you can become rich.
If you buy the sprinkles -- to sprinkle over your food -- you can shed pounds and have a new figure.
If you get the undergarment, you can have nice curves.
If you get the nifty gadget you can have skin free of unwanted hair, your skin will look smooth and beautiful.
If you get the creams and potions you'll get rid of zits and have a beautiul face.
If you get the special cream your legs will look young again.
If you pray with these people you will be delievered from your debt.
And, if you act quick, you will get the results faster, pretty much delivered to your door.
Who wouldn't want all of that, is the stuff of dreams.
Can't go back to sleep making plans to become fabulous?
Turn to the channel with the trauma center program, the horrendous cases the doctors and nurses have to work on will make you turn the TV off and go back to sleep.


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