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Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh, 'What a Treasure!'

Parents, kids: dig into this.
I just got the press packet announcing the 2010 selection for Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child early literacy program.This year's book is "What a Treasure!" written by Jane Hillenbrand and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. The program officially kicks off April 13 in Harrisburg and reaches more than half a million Pennsylvania children ages 3 to 6, according the press release.
The program stresses the importance of reading early and often to young children and how that impacts their future lives. Visit for ideas, resources and more.

" 'What a Treasure!' was inspired by ordinary objects being extraordinary as seen through the eyes and experiences of our son, Ian, when he was two years old," said Jane Hillenbrand. "Ian loved to dig. His prized possession (in addition to books) was a miniature shovel."

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