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Monday, September 12, 2011

Get your scarecrows on

I just spoke with Jennie McClintock VP of MOMS Club of Lansdale. The organization is hosting its first  Scarecrow Contest
So get  your creative juices flowing, you have a few weeks to come up with a  most unique scarecrow.   Deadline for entries is Sept. 29.

Check the group's contest Facebook page for more information.
Families, groups, teams, classrooms and other organizations, including businesses can participate. Entry fee is $20. Also, they will be conducting online voting via Facebook and in person as well during Lansdale's First Friday on Oct. 7. Check

Here are the rules:


• Mascot Scarecrow
Create the person, place or thing - past, present or future that best represents your business, group or organization!
 1st: CASH PRIZE & 1 yr Ad in MOMS Newsletter & Trophy (Bragging rights)
 2nd: CASH PRIZE & 6 Month Ad
 3rd: CASH PRIZE & 1 Month Ad

• Traditional/Contemporary Scarecrow
 Pay homage to the scarecrows that have been "scaring crows" from the farmer's fields and gardens for centuries or create the scarecrow of the future!  You may choose to add parts that move or make noise.
 1st: CASH PRIZE & 1 yr Ad in MOMS Newsletter & Trophy (Bragging rights)
 2nd: CASH PRIZE & 6 Month Ad
 3rd: CASH PRIZE & 1 Month Ad

• Now That’s Entertainment Scarecrow
 Open a world of possibilities as you create a scarecrow interpretation of your favorite television, movie, or book character - human, animal or animated!
 1st: CASH PRIZE & 1 yr Ad in MOMS Newsletter & Trophy (Bragging rights)
 2nd: CASH PRIZE & 6 Month Ad
 3rd: CASH PRIZE & 1 Month Ad


 1. Fill out an entry form and return form along with entry fee of $20.00 to MOMS Club of Lansdale PA by September 23, 2011. A written description of your entry and title must accompany your OFFICIAL SCARECROW COMPETITION ENTRY BLANK. MOMS Club reserves the right to refuse a scarecrow entry which we feel may be offensive to the general public.

 2. Scarecrows must be built to fit on an approved stake. When you drop off your scarecrow, you must provide a stake which will be secured in the ground at your display location the weekend of October 7th.

 3. Please attach a permanent weatherproof sign on the lower part of your scarecrow stand with the name and category of your entry as well as the name of your business/organization.

 4. Scarecrows may not touch the ground; and no materials may be put on the ground around or under your scarecrow.

 5.  IMPORTANT: Your scarecrow MUST BE WEATHER-RESISTANT & STURDY in order to qualify for displaying and judging.  Consider the wind and rain when choosing and securing materials to your creation.  We strongly encourage entrants to visit their creations the weekend of display for periodic check-ups.  During the time your entry is on display you may make any necessary repairs but no additions/alterations.  MOMS Club reserves the right to remove any scarecrows that do not hold up to the weather.

 6. NO PERISHABLE GOODS may be used in the construction of your scarecrow (i.e., pumpkins, squash, etc.).

 7. MOMS Club is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the security of the scarecrows on display.

 8. Your scarecrow must be completed and ready for photographing September 30th at which time your display location will be issued. You will be given the drop off location at this time as well.  NO EARLY CROWS.  MOMS CLUB REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE AT THE DROP OFF LOCATION TO GIVE YOU YOUR OFFICIAL ENTRY NUMBER AND SCARECROW LOCATION. Scarecrows will be on display from October 7th until October 10th.  You are responsible for dropping off your scarecrow at the time arranged.

 10. The public may vote for their favorites  
during the week of September 30th through October 7th.  The public may also vote on their favorites at October 7th First Friday at the MOMS Club table in the Kugel Ball Area.  Winners will be announced at approximately 8:30 pm the evening of October 7th First Friday at the main stage in the Kugel Ball area.  Winners will also be posted on the website and prizes will be awarded the following week.  You do not have to be present to win.

 11. Scarecrows must be picked up Monday, October 11th. Any scarecrows that are not claimed and whose creator(s) have not arranged for alternative pick-up by October 11th will become the property of MOMS Club.

 12. MOMS Club reserves the right to photograph entries for any promotional purpose. Photographs become the property of MOMS Club.

 13. Scarecrow contestants who take their entries off the property prior to the close of the display or remove their entries for promotional purposes during the display without expressed written permission from MOMS Club will forfeit their prizes and titles.



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