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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inequality closes too many doors, damages too many lives

Every now and then we NEED to be reminded about the subject of inequality.
It is still rampant, it dwells among us -- in every facet of life.
And, it is painful to be reminded that it goes further than someone not having a pair of shoes or enough to eat today ... is a matter of real opportunities -- education, transportation, etc.
Sadly, "poor and working class Americans have been falling behind" attorneys Bryan Stevenson and Michelle Alexander discuss in this Bill Moyers interview. I hope you take time to watch.
As they explain, there is great wealth in this country. And, in one way or another, I think, many of us have shared in the bounty at some point or another. But many are left wanting ... and it goes beyond having access to a food cupboard ....
We need real solutions, real legislation that helps people, that empowers people, legislation that does not suffocate them and push them further into the abyss.

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