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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walton Farm students recognized

I am happy to share news about good things happening in our community.
Congratulations to the Walton Farm Elementary School community!!!

Walton Farm Elementary School has a Student Recognition program that recognizes students on a regular basis. When students are
found to be showing kindness, respect, responsibility, or cooperation,
the students are given a Proud Paw for their efforts. The Proud Paws
are placed in a drawing that is held once a week where one student is
pulled from each class to be recognized.
Proud Paw students are listed below by grade level.
In addition, each teacher has the opportunity to choose a Citizen of the Month from his/her classroom to recognize as someone who continuously shows kindness, respect, responsibility, or cooperation. Students who have been chosen as the Citizen of the Month for January are listed below with an asterisk before their names.


Grace B

*Jess A


Lubna H

Kara E

*David G


Owen H

Scott N

*Jerry R


Adam A

Skylah B

Matthew B

Kieran R

Claire B

Mareham E

Jacob H

*Aidan M

*Maddie E

*Peter C

_Grade 1_

Caroline H

Amanda L

Jeffrey K

Kelsey M

Gavin G

Jordan B

Kayla S

Talia S

*Matthew H

*Ryan L

*Eileen Z


_Grade 2_

Bryon R

Giana D

Maya H

Samin C

Katie M

Grace R

*Judah W

*Jessica L

*Abigail P

_Grade 3_

Shayona G

Emily C

Courtney S

Rahul D

Shane H

Brayden S

Gwynedth S

Madeleine V

Owen B

Allison Y

Patrick R

*Meghan D

*Katelyn H

*Owen B

*Christie B

_Grade 4_

Ronny G

Jackie G

Brenna V

Fi A

Zach J

Joey D

Steven K

*Clare C

*Kristin K

*Erica K


_Grade 5_

Justin K

Molly G

Brittany J

Hazel R

Marilyn C

Alexia L

*Caroline D

*Kaitlyn P

*Nick G

_Grade 6_

Farabi I

Matthew P

Sarthok P

Tyler F

Ethan W

Lauren H

Patricia E

*Marina E

*Owen K

*Gavin H

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