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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

They had to watch, they have no jobs!!!

As reported in the LA Times: "About 41.3 million people watched ABC's coverage of the 82nd Academy Awards, according to Nielsen."

So many more flocked to watch the Academy Awards show -- this national, no, make this global party. I guess is a good thing. Who doesn't like a party.
But think about it, why were so many more people watching.
I have a theory ... so many are out of a job. They did not have to get up early to catch the commuter train, carpool, not warm up the car for the ride to the office.
It did not matter if the hosts were funny or not, if the acceptance speeches were long or not, nothing matters if you do not have to get up at the crack of dawn and grab an overdose of caffeine to get your motor started.
But am sure many would have preferred to have to get up early and do and go through the morning rigmarole -- with pleasure.
Do not get me wrong the Oscars show is something that many people love to watch .. but perhaps this year the numbers underscore something else, too.

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