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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arbor Day Guide to Greater Philadelphia gardens' favorite trees

To commemorate Arbor Day, Greater Philadelphia Gardens’ arborists and horticulturists collaborated to identify a few of their favorite trees and where to find them at maturity in area public gardens this Spring. The resulting self-guided tour and 2011 Visitor’s Arbor Day Guide to Greater Philadelphia Gardens’ Favorite Trees now available at It is the 8th in its series of Guides to Greater Philadelphia Gardens launched in 2010.
This area in particular is a tremendous and historic resource for discovering and planting trees. According to R. William Thomas, chair of Greater Philadelphia Gardens' and director of Chanticleer, "The greater Philadelphia area is host to more arboreta than anywhere else in the continent." "As host to so many of America’s oldest, tallest and most diverse collection of native trees, we thought it would be useful to writers and visitors to discover Greater Philadelphia Gardens' horticulturists favorite trees," stated Louise R. Eliason, coordinator for Greater Philadelphia Gardens, "particularly to help guide homeowners, schools and community groups in the decision of what tree to plant as a legacy to celebrate Arbor Day this Friday.


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