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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday is Bike-to-Work Day, who's riding?

Friday, May 21, is Bike-to-Work-Day -- the whole week has been Bike-to-Work-Week (and May is Bike Month) according to the League of American Bicyclists -- check ... so who's biking to work on Friday?

If you are, have fun and be safe on the road.

Following is a list of safety tips previously published in The Reporter courtesy of the Partnership TMA.

Don't ride against traffic. Your bicycle is considered a vehicle and should be going in the same direction as traffic.
Keep an eye out for parked cars that can suddenly open a car door or pull out quickly from the curb.
Vehicles backing up, especially trucks, can present a danger to cyclists. Listen for engine noise and don't assume you will hear a beeping noise as they back up.
Be sure to wear a helmet and never use earphones. You need to hear everything that is going on around you.
When you are riding with a group, don't ride side by side. Ride single file and keep at least one bicycle length away from the cycle in front of you.
Never pass a car on the right when it is parking. Shoulder check and if it is clear, pass the car on the left.
If you should encounter an angry dog, yell, "Go home." If the dog still poses a threat, don't try to pedal away. This encourages the dog to give chase. Instead, get off your bike on the side opposite the dog. Keeping the bike between you and the dog, walk away slowly.

If you have any questions about trails in your area, biking to work or what type of bike is best for you, contact your local municipality, visit your local bike shop or call the PTMA at (215) 699-2733.



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